Kinetik APTX9-BS San Diego Batteries

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If you are not sure what battery fits your application please contact us at 619-259-2098.

Order online most batteries ready within 2 business days. We will contact you to let you know your battery order is ready.

All batteries ordered are charged with even core exchange.
Bring your used battery when you pick up at the shop for an even exchange.
If you have no battery to exchange please contact us or leave a message when you order.

Core Exchange Price (Core Fee $20)

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APTX9-BS is dedicated to powering lives and adventures.  We are driven to provide our users with the unmatched quality and performance that their lifestyles demand and offer the solution to their hunger for extra power.  We are an industry leader, driving the portable power evolution through constant innovation and exploration, inspired by our die-hard Kinetik® followers.  Kinetik® fans live a life that goes far beyond the status quo, and they need a power solution that can keep up.  And that is exactly what we provide at Kinetik®.

Description: Kinetik Dry Charge 12V 8A h 135CCA






Width: 3.4


Weight: 6.4

Chemistry: Lead Acid


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